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Just enter your niche keywords & add your affiliate IDs.


Our A.I. system creates a professional looking, self-updating coupon site for you.


 Activate your site, sit back and watch the buyers & commissions roll in.

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It's No Secret That COVID-19 AND RECESSION

 has broken our economy!

"People losing their jobs, businesses shutting down, and uncertainty everywhere!"

Every mom, dad, grandparent, student is trying to find a way to save money. They need money on groceries, utilities, bills and everything else. Without it, they can't survive.

It's heartbreaking to see families go through this. They are stressed, anxious and some even depressed.

And they are trying very hard to save every last penny they can. Shopping online, using coupons, and looking for the best deals has become the new normal.

What If you can HELP them And...

make a LOT of money in the process?

"You can provide these families with what they're looking for... an EASY way to save money on their everyday purchases."

Simply by building "Coupon Sites"
A coupon site is a website that provides coupons, discounts, and promo codes to users.

These sites are very popular because they help people save money. And in these tough times, people are looking for any way they can to cut costs.

They are searching for these sites online and are willing to use them to save money. All you need to do is provide them with what they are looking for.

*** add examples/news of other coupon sites making money ***

But, there are some HUGE PROBLEMS...

And If you don't know how to overcome them, you will FAIL MISERABLY, you'll lose your time, money, Energy and mind.

Problem #1 

They take too much time & money to set up

It can take days, weeks, or even MONTHS to get a coupon site up and running. You have to find the right theme, plugins, and design it just right. It could cost you over $1,000 just to get the site right.

Then you have to add all of the coupons, deals, and offers manually. And if you're not a tech-savvy person, this can be a real nightmare.

Problem #2 

They require regular maintenance

Once your coupon site is live, you need to keep it updated with the latest coupons, deals, and offers. Remove expired coupons, add new ones. This can take hours each week.

And if you don't do it right, people will stop using your site and look elsewhere.

Problem #3

They need a lot of traffic to be successful

If you don't have a lot of traffic, your coupon site will not be successful. You need people to visit your site so they can see the coupons, deals, and offers.

But getting traffic can be difficult, expensive & time consuming. You need to spend money on advertising or do a lot of SEO. And if you don't know what you're doing, it can be very very frustrating.

Problem #4

They're often unreliable

Many coupon sites are unreliable. The coupons, deals, and offers they provide are often expired or don't work. This frustrates people and they will stop using your site.

The most popular coupon sites are run by big companies with a lot of resources. They can afford to offer coupons, deals, and promo codes that actually work. 

But if you're just starting out, you might not have the same relationships with brands and retailers.
This is why most people fail when they try to start a coupon site.

The only way to overcome these problems is to have a system that takes care of everything for you...

"What If I Tell You There's A SMART, Lazy & Automated Way To Create COUPON Sites That...

Runs 24X7, 365 Days a Year

WITHOUT Doing Any Of The Hard Work Yourself?"

  • A system that will create your site in 3 clicks, add fresh coupons, deals, and offers automatically
  • ...and drive FREE traffic to your site on autopilot.
  • A system that requires ZERO maintenance from you.
  • A system that is 100% reliable.
  • A system that is proven to work.
  • A system that makes you commissions day in day out without lifting a finger.

"And today, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how this system works, so that you can start creating your own automated coupon sites, help people, get 1000s of free repeat buyers, and make a lot of money in the process."

From The Desk Of:  
Yogesh Agarwal

Hi, my name is Yogesh Agarwal, and I'm a computer geek who loves to solve complicated problems for marketers.

And I am grateful to be able to help over 100,000 marketers succeed with my simple software solutions. Which in turn has generated me and my company over $2,500,000 in sales in just the last 3 years

When A Simple Coffee Meet Turned Into A

6-Figure Business!

About 8 months back, I was meeting my old college friend, Dave (Dev). He worked in an IT firm, nice salary, and 2 lovely kids. But he was deeply worried about his job as the company was struggling to survive in the RECESSION.

And that's why he started a NEW side-hustle that was making him $1500/month. 

He explained that he had started a COUPON site where he manually added the latest coupons, deals, and offers from different brands and retailers.

"He was hardly getting any traffic, but the little traffic he was getting was converting into sales and most importantly, REPEAT BUYERS!"

This is When The Idea Hit Me Like 

A Ton Of Bricks!

I realised that he was onto something BIG. 
Coupon sites are extremely popular. 

They help people save money, which is something everyone wants to do especially with COVID -19 and the economic downturn.

They're also very profitable. Dave was proof of that.

Even with just a little bit of traffic, he was making $1500/month in pure profit. 

He wasn't spending any money on advertising. All of his little traffic was organic, which means it was coming from Google for free. 
 BUT, the PROBLEM with Dave was:
  • ​he was spending hours every day manually finding and adding coupons, deals, and offers
  • ​he was barely getting any traffic
  • ​he couldn't SCALE or GROW his business because he didn't have the time
  • he had no life outside of his job & business
He was a one man show and was quickly running out of steam. 
I told Dave that he needed to build a system...

And this is when I realized that there was 

a BIG opportunity here!

What if I could create a system that would automatically create these coupon sites for people, add fresh coupons, deals, and offers to them 24x7, 365 days a year... without them having to lift a finger?

And what if I could also drive FREE targeted traffic to these sites on autopilot?

So I offered to help him, and we got to work right away... 

With my knowledge of computers and marketing, and Dave's knowledge of the coupon industry, we were able to create a  system that could do all of this... and more!

Within the next 3 months, we had a beta version of the system ready.

Dave put it to the test and within days, he was making more money than ever before. We were blown away by the...

Results WE GOT: 

In fact, he was making so much money that he quit his job and now runs his coupon business full time!

Do You Know What 


He only spends a few hours a week on it, if that. The system does all the hard work for him while he enjoys his life and spends time with his family.

He no more worries about manually adding coupons, or getting traffic. It's all on autopilot! 

The system takes care of everything for him. 

While he banks fat commission checks day after day, week after week, month after month!

And Today I Want To Share This With You, So That You Too Start Benefiting From This Breakthrough Software.

I knew I had something special here. Something that could help other struggling marketers as well to finally make the kind of money they desired.

I was once in your shoes, and I know how it feels. And that's why I decided to make it available to the public.

This is your chance to get your hands on this powerful software and start benefiting from it like we did.
The First & ONLY 3-Click App That Creates 100% Done-For-You, Automated Coupon Sites That Get 1000s of REPEAT Buyers Without Paid Traffic, Tech Skills Or Experience!

You can create your own automated coupon site in just..

3 simple steps & 60 sec!


Just enter your niche keywords & add your affiliate IDs.


Our A.I. system creates a professional looking, self-updating coupon site for you.


 Activate your site, sit back and watch the buyers & commissions roll in.

see how easy it is to get started with DFYCouponStorez
(Quick 100 Seconds DEMO)
Now, you can create as many automated coupon sites as you want and make money from all of them... without having to do any manual work!

Plus, you can drive FREE targeted traffic to your sites on autopilot, so you don't have to worry about traffic either.  This is the SAME exact system that Dave used to go from $0 to $1500/month in PURE PROFIT... without any traffic, SEO, or paid ads! 

WHAT ABOUT TRAFFIC? Access Our Step-By-Step


With our "TRAFFIC ACCELERATOR" training, you'll be able to get as much traffic as you want to your DFYCouponStorez links. 

This is the exact traffic training and strategies that I used to take my business from ZERO to $1,000/day! You also get my exact CASE STUDIES that show you step-by-step how I generated 100s of THOUSANDS of dollars in sales.

With this software & training, you'll have everything you need to build a hugely successful online business!

DFYCouponStorez Will Do ALL Of The Following (And More) 


100% Cloud-Based Software

There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!

1 Click-Complete-Store Generator with 50,000+ Coupons & Deals.

You can create a complete, self-updating store in 1 click. Just enter your niche keywords, choose your categories and our A.I system will create a complete store for you in seconds... with 50,000+ coupons & deals from the top stores in your niche!

Multiple Layouts & Professionally Designed Sites That Convert.

Our sites are designed by professional designers with proven conversion strategies built-in. So you can be sure that your site will make you money! Select from multiple layouts and designs with just 1 click. Change your logo, color schemes, fonts & layouts with 1 click!

Easy Approval & Add Your Affiliate IDs In Seconds.

You can add your affiliate IDs from the top stores in your niche in seconds. So you can make money from every sale that is made through your site. Make commissions from all the major stores, like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, ShareASale, Pepperjam, Rakuten Linkshare and more.

Automatic Price & Sale Updates - Hands Free!

Our software will automatically update the prices and sales on your site. So you don't have to worry about the coupons & deals being out of date. Your site will always have the latest offers from the stores in your niche.

Automated Traffic Generation on Autopilot.

DFYCouponStorez comes with social sharing features and free traffic strategies built-in. With just 1-click share your coupons and deals to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Tumblr & Telegram. And with our free traffic strategies (training included), you can get hordes of targeted buyers to your sites.

Mobile Responsive Sites That Look Great On Any Device.

Our sites are 100% mobile responsive, so they look great and convert your visitors into buyers regardless of what device they are using. You don't have to worry about losing any sales because of a poor mobile experience or a site that doesn't look good on mobile devices.

FREE Hosting On Our Super-Fast Servers.

You don't need to buy hosting, because our software is 100% cloud-based. We'll host your site for you on our super-fast servers. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your site from anywhere in the world.

Built-In SEO Optimization For FREE Traffic From Search Engines

Our software is built with SEO in mind. So you can be sure that your site will be optimized for the search engines and get traffic from Google, Yahoo & Bing. This means more buyers coming to your site and more commissions in your pocket!

Manually Add, Edit & Remove Coupons.

You can manually add, edit and remove coupons from your site. So you have complete control over the content on your site. Add your own custom products with coupons from anywhere on the web. You're not limited to the stores that our software can find.

Manually Add, Edit & Remove Any Pages, Stores, Categories you wish.

You can add, edit and remove any pages, stores or categories you want. So you have complete control over the structure of your site. Make your store look however you want! 

Collect Leads To Build Your List & Get REPEAT BUYERS!

You can collect leads and build your list with our built-in lead capture system. Activate the lead capture system with 1 click and start building your list on autopilot. Convert all your visitors into leads, follow up with them via email and turn them into REPEAT BUYERS!

Easily Export your Leads or Sync with your Favourite Autoresponder

You can easily export/download your leads or sync them with your favourite autoresponder. We support all the major autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConstantContact etc.

Get detailed tracking & analytics to see what's working and what's not

You can track your traffic, sales & conversions with our built-in tracking system. So you can see what's working and what's not. The tracking system is very detailed and shows you everything you need to know to optimize your site for maximum conversions.

FREE Commercial License - Easily Sell your coupon Sites with it's own Admin Panel

With your purchase today, you'll get a FREE Commercial License. This allows you to sell your coupon websites with 100% customization! Each site has its own control panel & can be sold for any price you want. With it's own unique domain, logo, color scheme & content! 

"Why  DFYCouponStorez?"

Here're the MAJOR BENEFITS you'll get from DFYCouponStorez:

Leverage The Current Trend And Get A Massive Piece Of The Pie

Coupon sites are extremely popular right now. And they're only going to become more and more popular as people look for ways to save money. With DFYCouponStorez, you can get in on this trend and start making money right away.

Proven To Work, Tested And Perfected System

DFYCouponStorez is based on a proven business model that's working right now. We've tested and perfected the system so you can make money as quickly and easily as possible. We made the old, complicated, and manual process of creating a coupon site 100% automated so you can focus on what's important... making money!

It's 100% Done-For-You & Fully Automated

With DFYCouponStorez, you don't have to lift a finger. We create your site for you and add fresh coupons, deals, offers & products to it 24x7, 365 days per year... without you having to do any manual work! Once you have your site set up, it will run on autopilot. The system takes care of everything for you!

Start Making Money In As Little As 24 Hours Or Less

With DFYCouponStorez, you can create your own automated coupon site and start making money in as little as 10 minutes from now. Just enter your niche keywords, add your affiliate IDs, and our A.I. system will create a professional looking, self-updating coupon site for you.

Get FREE Targeted Traffic - No Paid Ads, No SEO Required

DFYCouponStorez will drive FREE targeted traffic to your site on autopilot. With our social sharing features and free traffic strategies, you don't have to spend a dime on paid ads. Just sit back and watch the buyers roll in!

Easily Scale Up, No Limitation On How Much You Can Earn.

With DFYCouponStorez, there's no limit to how much money you can make. Just create multiple coupon sites in different niches and watch your earnings grow exponentially! You can easily create 10, 20, or even 50+ automated coupon sites... all with the click of a button! Even if each site only makes you an extra $50 per day, that's an extra $500 - $2,500 per day!

Save Thousands of Dollars & Months Of Time In Development Costs!

DFYCouponStorez will save you thousands of dollars and months in development costs. With our done-for-you solution, you don't have to pay a programmer or developer to create your site for you. And you don't have to worry about hosting fees, domain name costs, or any of the other expensive overhead that comes with starting an online business.

Save Hours and Hours Of Your Time Maintaining, Updating Your Coupon Sites

Imagine the time and money you'll save not having to manually update your coupon site with the latest offers and deals. With DFYCouponStorez, your site is automatically updated with the latest coupons, deals & products 24x7... so you can focus on making money!

No Technical Skills Or Experience Required - We've Done All The Hard Work For You!

With DFYCouponStorez, you don't need any technical skills or experience to create your own automated coupon site. We've done all the hard work for you and created a simple, point-and-click system that anyone can use to start making money online in as little as 10 minutes from now!

It's Suitable For Complete Newbies & Experienced Marketers Alike.

If you've never made a dime online, DFYCouponStorez will help you get started quickly and easily. And if you're an experienced marketer, you can use DFYCouponStorez to quickly create multiple income streams... without having to spend months or even years developing them yourself!


We don't just give you a product and walk away. We do our best to keep improving the product. We will continue to release new features and updates for free into the future!

24X7 Support And 100% Uptime Guaranteed

Our team is always available to help. Whether you need help finding the perfect image or video or have a question about any of our products, we're here to assist you.



But I am not stopping with just this, because I want you to succeed with your online business. Therefore, I am going to help you out even more by offering additional bonuses that can help increase your results.. 

(will be stripped off after launch period is over)

Fast Action Bonus #1

Commercial License

(During Launch Period Only)

The commercial license allows you to sell your coupon sites. This means you can use them for your personal or commercial projects without any restrictions. You can sell coupon stores created with DFYCouponStorez to clients for any price you want. You can sell them on Fiverr, Upwork, Warriorforum, anywhere you want.

This Bonus is HIGHLY TIME SENSITIVE, once the launch if over, this offer is gone for ever.

(Value $97)

Fast Action Bonus #2

How To Scale 
With Paid Ads

(During Launch Period Only)

Not just free traffic, it works for paid traffic as well. Learn how to get 10x results with DFYCouponStorez with paid traffic. We'll show you how to start slow and scale your ads to 6-Figures step by step.

(Value $197)

Fast Action Bonus #3

Traffic Accelerator

(During Launch Period Only)

This is the exact traffic training that I used to take my business from ZERO to $1,000/day! You also get my exact CASE STUDIES that show you step-by-step how I generated 100s of THOUSANDS of dollars in sales.

With this software & training, you'll have everything you need to build a hugely successful online business!

(Value $297)

what some of the early users are saying about DFYCouponStorez:



  • ​Newbies & Affiliate Marketers who want to make money online but don't have the time, skills or experience to create their own products or websites.
  • Experienced marketers who want to quickly create multiple income streams without having to spend months or years developing them from scratch.
  • Bloggers & website owners who want to add a passive income stream to their existing sites.
  • ​Social Media Marketers who want to tap into the power of coupons & deals to drive traffic & sales.
  • Content Marketers who want to use coupons & deals to drive traffic to their affiliate offers.
  • ​Ecommerce Store Owners who want to increase their sales & conversion rates with targeted coupons & deals.
  • ​Local Businesses who want to attract more customers & grow their business with targeted coupons & deals.
  • Anyone else who wants to make money online and tap into the huge potential of coupons & deals! Whatever your goals is, DFYCouponStorez can help you achieve it quickly & easily.


Imagine struggling to make money online for months or even years... Or paying a programmer $5,000+ to build you a coupon site...Or wasting hours of your time manually updating your site with the latest coupons & deals. 

Most importantly, imagine never achieving the financial freedom & lifestyle you've always wanted.

Now, imagine having your very own automated coupon site that runs on autopilot, generates 1000s of repeated buyers & commission for you 24/7...

Wouldn't that be incredible? For less than the price of a take-out meal, you can get your hands on the DFYCouponStorez system and start making money as soon as today!

Today you can get access to DFYcouponstorez for a low ONE TIME PRICE of just:

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But Today You Get Everything At Just A Low One-Time Payment!

Special Launch Price
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or Even MORE! But Today You Get Everything At Just A Low One-Time Payment!

Special Launch Price
$47 $27 PER MONTH

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*$17.95 ONE TIME

So, how can we afford to sell it for such a

low one-time price?

Because, this is a limited-time, one-time offer. After the launch, we will be increasing the price to match other video platforms i.e. we will TURN INTO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION MODEL.

We need lots of resources to run this business and we need to make sure we can continue to make it available for all of you.

And this way we will be able to support our operations more effectively, have enough resources for new features & develop the platform further.

Remember the low one-time price will NEVER be offered again. You will lose out big if you don't grab this deal now!




(Free Commercial License + Low 1-Time Price During Launch Period Only!)

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There Is No Risk. You Are Covered By Our


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying DFYCouponStorez, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. And you can still keep our product and enjoy all the benefits.

We will not even revoke your access. However, we are sure that you'll love DFYCouponStorez so much and see the value in it that you won't ask for a refund. That's our "STEAL OUR PRODUCT" guarantee for you. (Only during launch period) Nothing could be more fair than that.

Don't Delay, You Know It Can CHANGE Your Life!



(Free Commercial License + Low 1-Time Price During Launch Period Only!)

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Don't hesitate to get DFYCouponStorez right now. The sooner you buy the more money you save. Plus you are covered by my "STEAL MY PRODUCT" 30 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. 

All the risk is on me. You are 100% covered.


Don't let his opportunity pass you by, or you will regret it later. DFYCouponStorez is the best, fastest & easiest way to make commissions with minimum effort & No risk.

If you don't take action, you know things will stay the same. You'll still waste time and money on products that don't work. You'll be stuck hoping for a solution, hoping to finally make some money online.

So, don't let that happen to you. Don't regret getting the DFYCouponStorez at a higher price, or worse, don't regret it when it's off the market. Get your copy now!

Frequently Asked Questions!

1). Do I need to download anything to use DFYCouponStorez?

No. DFYCouponStorez is completely cloud-based. Login from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and use it.

2) Is there a monthly fee?

No, once you buy DFYCouponStorez, you don't have to pay a monthly fee. DFYCouponStorez is a one-time purchase product.

3) What happens after the launch period?

The price will turn into a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and the low one-time price will never be available again! We encourage you to take action before the launch period ends.

4) Can I have a refund?

We guarantee that you will get more value from your purchase of DFYCouponStorez than what you pay us.
However, if for some reason the product is not living up to your expectations at any time within 30 days of buying it, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

5) What if I have no subscribers or no following? Can I still get traffic?

Yes. We will provide you with our "SUCCESS ACCELERATOR" system once you buy DFYCouponStorez which will help you get targeted traffic FAST, build your list fast and how to profit with it like the pros.

6) What about the future updates?

You won't pay a penny extra for future updates. And, you'll get free lifetime updates to keep your product up-to-date.

7) What if I have other questions?

You can ask us your product related question as well as anything about our company or services by emailing us at https://agarwalinnosoft.com/support/

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(Free Commercial License + Low 1-Time Price During Launch Period Only!)

Use Coupon "storez3" To Get $3 OFF On Elite Version!

The materials provided on couponstorez.com are not to be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme in any way. Your earning potential is entirely dependent upon you. The level of success you reach employing these techniques and ideas is entirely dependent upon you; your skills, your financial resources, your advertising and marketing knowledge and your time that you devote to becoming successful. Because of these reasons, we cannot guarantee your earnings level nor do we in any way whether directly or indirectly do so.
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